Real Estate


The purpose of Fund is to generate steady income and capital gains primarily from investments in Canadian commercial properties and U.S. residential properties and mortgage pools. The partnership will do so through a combination of direct and private fund investments in different geographies and across several strategies.


Investments or pending investments to date include partnerships or properties across Canada and the United States including properties managed by the Kingsett Capital Management of Toronto and the Prospect Properties Group of Orlando, Florida.


The 360 Degree Advantage

  • Enhanced diversification and oversight
  • Monthly liquidity
  • Institutional level transparency and reporting
  • Conservative leverage structure
  • Self-liquidating portfolio of assets
  • Valuations underpinned by tangible assets
  • No correlation to stock or bond markets
  • Local point of contact


Mutually Reinforcing Strategies

  • Combination of Canadian and US real estate
  • Objective to generate income and capital gains
  • Types of real estate investments:
    •  mortgages,
    • apartments,
    • condominiums,
    • whole loans,
    • developable land,
    • single family homes
  • Target return of >10% p.a.
  • Minimum investment of >$50m for Accredited Investors


360 Fund Mix by Property Type





360 Fund Mix by Geography







*As of December 31st 2017




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