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7 09, 2023

The Weekly Beacon – September 8, 2023


Interest rates, Interest payments, Federal debt, Government spending, Interest rate hikes, ESG investing versus profitable investing, Gen Z investors, Politicians age, Insider trading in Washington, power and politics, 2024 election and the stock market, Trump and Biden's spending habits, Bank of Canada decision, Mortgage rates in Canada, OPEC+, Oil market, Energy sector, Oil stocks, Tight oil market, SPR release, inventory draws in energy.

The Weekly Beacon – September 8, 20232023-09-07T19:11:08+00:00
31 08, 2023

The Weekly Beacon – September 1, 2023


This weeks issue: Chinese economy, Chinese real estate, Chinese debt, Evergrande group, Chinese government versus financial markets, BRICS expands, China versus the US, BRICS oil dominance, China global investment, G7 versus BRICS, Mortgage rates, Home prices, Interest rates, Disney's issues, Disney lawsuit, Disney profit margins, Sell side analysts, Nvidia stock, Stock prices, Valuations.

The Weekly Beacon – September 1, 20232023-08-31T13:22:44+00:00
10 08, 2023

The Weekly Beacon – August 11, 2023


This weeks issue: Car payments, Consumer budgets, Credit card debt, Government debt, Consumer debt, interest rates, China exports and imports, Chinese economy, China and Russia, WeWork, Risk factors, Cash burning, Unprofitable, Recovery when stocks drop, Investor bias, Emotional investors, Uranium, Energy investing, Nuclear power as the future, Nuclear reactors, ESPN and PENN Entertainment, Disney and ESPN 2023, Dave Portnoy reclaims Barstool.

The Weekly Beacon – August 11, 20232023-08-10T13:45:54+00:00
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