Darren Rabie

Business Development


Darren Rabie completed his Graduate Business degree at The Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario).
After 1 year at General Mills Canada as a Marketing Manager, Darren Rabie moved to Sydney Australia, from Toronto, and co-founded The Results Group – a b2b lead generation company.

In 2003, Darren Rabie sold off his shares of The Results Group & founded Focus America (www.focus-america.com), an “Outsourced Sales Manager” company working with small, b2b, owner-operated companies that need Sales Leadership.

Today, Darren & his team of 11 support 50+ active clients throughout North America and Darren himself continues to do many public & private coaching, speaking & training workshops.

Personally, Darren was born in Cape Town, South Africa but has lived in Toronto since 1977. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.