MacNicol’s Quarterly Commentary- April 2019

I was lucky enough to spend the 2019 March Break in Orlando, Florida. The weather was perfect in every way and daily text messages from freezing Toronto made Florida’s sunny delight even more sublime. The other thing that (secretly) gave me pleasure down south was the dramatic – and expanding – college admissions bribery scandal. I rarely delight at the misfortunes of others but indulging in this particular scandal proved far too tempting. At issue were millionaire Hollywood actors and other prominent members of the Hollywood “establishment”, as well as, the rich legal and finance people who should have known better. Sadly, in attempting to grease the hands of the lowest bidder, the main characters of this scandal not only undermined the value of a post-secondary education, they undermined the value of hard work.

Undermining the value of hard work creates a dangerous lesson in young minds: if Mom and Dad are rich, then why should I bust my butt? In attempting to “pave the way” for their kids with brides, the parents involved in the bribery scandal did their children a great disservice. By alerting the world to the idea that they themselves did not have faith in their kids’ abilities these parents squandered the one true investment in this world that pays off the most. Kids are amazing and by teaching them that being independent gives one a greater sense of accomplishment and purpose than does being “handed” things much, much more is accomplished than by “handing” them material possessions or teaching them that adversity can be slowed with a wire transfer. In any event, heads will undoubtably role, Lawyers will duke this one out in court and for all its soggy weather and crippling traffic congestion, I am happy to be in Toronto.

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The Quarterly Commentary January 2019


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