Today’s hybrid work structure and the increasing reliance on global connections for business growth demand a faster, more reliable internet connection. Indeed, much of our economic activities lean on the innovative solutions created and utilized by telecommunications companies. 

The market analysis run by SpeedTest shows that Canada’s median download speed for fixed broadband is 144.5 MBPS. This is relatively fast compared to other countries, but speed also comes with a cost. Canada’s internet service costs more than the rest of the world, with an average price of around $95 per month.  

One internet service provider is revolutionizing the game with blazing-fast full-fibre internet with no contracts, no install fees, and zero data caps. 


telMAX is a Canadian telecommunications company providing high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to communities at a more affordable price. Their lowest tier starts at 250MBPS, almost double the country’s median download speed, and their 1000MBPS service costs way less than the country’s average cost.

This leading-edge service was brought to life by Oshawa’s 2015 Mayor, John Henry, and the Founders’ aspiration for a better telecommunications infrastructure — one that would allow residents to work efficiently at home and enjoy more leisure time in their communities instead of having to travel for work. With the removal of outdated copper infrastructure, telMAX is able to deliver faster and more secure internet connections with low latency. This leads to better work efficiency, rapid local economic growth, and less vehicle emissions.

telMAX’s market entry cannot be more timely. According to Statista, there were over 38 million internet users in Canada in 2022. This means 99% of the population now has access to the internet and it’s projected to grow another 4% by 2027. Canada also ranks top ten in global digital competitiveness, proving that we are at the prime of digital connectivity.

Number of internet users in Canada from 2018 to 2027 (in millions)

internet users

Source: Statista

By offering pure fibre internet at an affordable cost, they are setting the standard for telecommunications service in Canada, advancing the industry to greater heights at a rapid pace.  

From Durham and York, telMAX is now geared to expand its service coverage to serve more communities. Under newly appointed CEO Stuart Roberts, a seasoned telco operator, the company looks forward to ongoing operations, sales, and construction success. 

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