MacNicol’s Quarterly Commentary – October 2021


With this commentary, we plan to communicate with you every month about our thoughts on the markets, some snapshots of metrics, a section on behavioural investing and finally an update on MacNicol & Associates Asset Management (MAAM). We hope you enjoy this information, and it allows you to better understand what we see going on in the marketplace.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”

Eleanor Roosevelt

What happened was that an early stage FinTech company specializing in digital economy everything had just unveiled its own NFT gallery and the feedback from consumers and investors ranged from “Gosh that’s groundbreaking” to “I really don’t get it”. The launch of a specialized NFT gallery is brilliant particularly when one considers the existing groundwork the company has laid ahead of it. I won’t give away this company’s name mainly because we tend to avoid start ups.


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The Quarterly Commentary October 2021