MacNicol’s The Alternative Asset Trust Quarterly Commentary- October 2021

The MacNicol Alternative Asset Trust is a multi-strategy, alternative investment platform designed to generate returns that are positive and uncorrelated with public stock or bond markets. The Trust, through its underlying limited partnerships invests in real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. In total the Alternative Trust is invested in more than 150 separate real estate projects, private businesses, and hedge funds. The advantages of our approach to alternative assets include effective diversification, enhanced liquidity and a less volatile return profile compared to the individual asset classes themselves.

Alternative Trust Update: The goals of the Alternative Trust are to generate positive real returns each year and help better diversify portfolios of conventional investment assets. As of the end of the third quarter of 2021, the Trust was higher by 10.2% after accounting for all fees and expenses. Within the third quarter, the Trust was higher by 2.3%. The Trust continued to receive cash flows from exits on full cycle investments and from new investors at MacNicol whose individual portfolios will now begin to reflect alternative asset exposure.


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Alternative Asset Trust Q3 2021