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This weeks issue: President Xi. Communism, China, Covid-19 Policy, Bullish on Economics, Chinese Economy, Manufacturing, Crypto, FTX, Binance, CZ, SBF Arrested, Congress, Hearings, Fraud, Crypto Withdrawals, Bitcoin, Flight Activity, Energy Consumption by Country, Inflation, CPI, the FED, Used Car Index, Energy Index, Gasoline Prices, Food Prices, Wage Growth, Commodity Shortages, 1970s Inflation, Government Debt, Interest Rates Rising, Servicing Debt, Atlas Trading Group, FinTwit Lawsuit.

China Moves On

As the world moved past Covid-19 and began to treat it like the common cold or the flu, China continued to enforce the zero Covid-19 policy. Up until a few weeks ago, the Chinese economy has been under consistent lockdowns due to the strict policy the CCP was enforcing regarding Covid-19.

Entire buildings were locked down if one resident tested positive, people were dragged to Covid-19 camps, and businesses were forcibly shut down. The entire process seemed draconian and overkill and even when the world moved on, China seemingly doubled down on its policy. They have even reportedly edited their domestic broadcast of the World Cup to hide fans in stadiums not wearing masks. Why did they do this? Perhaps another way President Xi could show his people and the world that he had ultimate power. We mention all this because China is opening, and their state media have reported that it is time to treat Covid-19 like a cold. We are glad the CCP figured out what the world has known for over a year.

Why does this matter? China shut down production in manufacturing facilities across numerous industries when enacting its Covid-19 policy. Companies that had a reliance on China were essentially at the whim of President Xi and his authoritarian rule………….



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