Click here: The Weekly Beacon – March 18 2022

We will be giving some macroeconomic market updates on a weekly basis. No
recommendations will be given in this commentary and we encourage you to contact us
today if you have any questions regarding any observations.

Feel free to send in your pictures of lighthouses to be featured in our weekly commentary.

This weeks issue: Europe, Europe’s Dirty Habit, EU Dependancy on Russia, Russian Energy, Norway’s Decline, Off Shore Drilling, IEA Energy Shortages, Mainstream Media Realizing Energy is in Short Supply, Russian Oil Gap, U.S. Inflation, John Williams, U.S. PPI, Canada CPI, Italy PPI, Germany Inflation, Agriculture Prices, Expensive Summer, Elizabeth Warren, Jim Cramer, DiDi Global, Alibaba, Nio, Chinese Stocks, Chinese Government Corruption, Saudia Arabia Might Ditch USD, ARKK, Ark vs. Nasdaq.