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This weeks issue: Asset Bubble, Dot Com Bubble, Financial Correction, Netflix, Teladoc, Ark Investments, Cathie Wood, ARKK, Chamath, Nuclear Energy, Uranium, Boris Johnson, Adoption of Nuclear, Clean Energy, Europe PPI, CPI, Inflation, Natural Gas Prices, Russian Energy, EU Wages, US Wages, Ruble, USD, Euro, Currencies, High Growth, Tech Stocks, FAANG, Shipping Demand, Supply Chain Crisis, Shipping Stocks, Shipping Shortage.


The Great Bubble of the 2020s

Many would not reference what we have faced in financial markets over recent months as a bubble popping. When investors think “Financial Bubble,” they think Internet Bubble (Dot Com Crash) in the early 2000s. The Nasdaq fell 78% in a matter of 2.5 years from its peak. Today’s Nasdaq has only fallen 22% from its all-time highs. These markets are not the same but, they do have some similarities.

For one, the markets were led by unprofitable, hyped up, growth only, cash-burning businesses.

The stocks that have been hit the hardest in this cycle have been the same : unprofitable, hyped up, ridiculous valuation, cash burning, and promise to revolutionize/change the world.

Look at the stocks that have lost 50%+ over the last 12 months. Almost all of them use innovation, rapid growth, or revolution on their websites or 10Ks.


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