In an era of innovation, it’s not a foreign concept to integrate technology into every aspect of our lives – especially with sports and leisure.  

It was 2020 when we first encountered a Fliteboard bombing through South Florida’s steady waters. At a time of panic and pandemic, MacNicol & Associates Asset Management saw a promising venture.  

Harnessing the power of modern technology, Fliteboard built an award-winning product that redefines the very meaning of surfing. Innovative and sustainable, the company’s electric hydrofoil does not rely on Mother Nature for a thrill in the open water.

fliteboardSource: Fliteboard


  • Holds five patents including its “unibody design” where it fuses together the motor and the mast for efficiency and greater control  
  • Designed by naval architects, mechanical and electronic engineers, thermodynamic specialists, composite experts, and more, Fliteboard is “focused on the intersection between electric vehicle technology and hydrofoil design”  
  • Boundary-pushing battery technology enables brand ambassadors, Rob and Morgan Wylie, to be the first to cross the English Channel using electric hydrofoil  


  • Minimizing the impact on marine life through quieter motors above and underwater  
  • Zero fuel use, zero emissions  

And the company’s growth is as impressive as the products it manufactures. We were able to meet and build a good working relationship with founder and former kiteboarder, David Trewern. David and his team took us into the company’s vision and financial standing, further solidifying the investment opportunity.  

We are proud partners of Fliteboard — a market leader with award-winning technology, great growth potential, strong sales trends, and expanding product distribution.  

To learn more about the company, visit https://fliteboard.com